Lotions and potions

Normally when we go somewhere our first aid kit comprises some paracetamol and Rennies bought at the last minute in duty free before a flight.  Having gone on the first aid course and being shown all sorts of crazy ways to die we thought we should be a bit better prepared for this trip.

As well as the standard pain-killers, antiseptic creams, anti malaria medication and bandages, our first aid kit includes some antibiotics and a sterile kit with needles, syringes and scalpels.

Other items include a resusciade, sphygmomanometer* and stethoscope, aluminium splint and 2 neck braces.

We’ve got eye drops, ear drops, creams, pills to stop vomiting, pills to stop diarrhea, pills to start diarrhea, pills that stop vomiting but start diarrhea, pills that stop diarrhea and vomiting, but cause itching – you name it, we’ve got it.

We’ve also got or are getting vaccinations for Heppatitus A and B, Rabies, Meningitis, Typhoid, Diptheria, Tetnus, Cholera and Yellowfever.

We’ve probably gone a bit overboard with enough medicine and bandages to stock a small hospital, but at least it keeps our mothers happy and preempts the “don’t forget to take a first aid kit, and have you thought about medication for Malaria, and don’t forget to pack a toothbrush and don’t spill your coffee, yak yak yak”.

Hopefully when we get back to SA it was all a big waste of money and the medication ends up expiring and being thrown away.

* Sphygmomanometer was spelled correctly without having to google it.

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