Winches for when wenches won’t work

As the car isn’t heavy enough for this trip we invested in some recovery gear.

Things we’ve got include a strop for towing and a hi-lift off-road kit which allows us to turn the jack into a winch if necessary.

We also have a KERR rope.  This is a magic piece of kit that effectively bungy-jumps your car out of a tough spot if there is another car around to help.

We went for a T-MAXX air compressor. This model is significantly cheaper than the ARB and VIAIR compressors, but has quite a good name, so hopefully it will be up to the task.

Jules wasn’t too chuffed when I showed her that she has a pair of workman’s gloves to push the car when we’re stuck. ¬†Fortunately she enjoys alliteration as much as the next person, so the heading for this post was allowed.